Agribusiness is blooming in Spokane Valley 

The region surrounding Spokane Valley is rich with diverse agriculture businesses. Washington state is the leading producer of apple juice and other major commodities such as wheat, barley, fruits and vegetables, dairy, beef, and seafood products.

With all it has to offer, our region has long contributed to the vitality of the agribusiness in the area, featuring 2,500 farms, $117 million in annual economic impact, and boasting 1,576 local jobs.

It is naturally a hub for food processing, a sector that produces $566 million in revenue annually, and, in the last two decades, a center for specialty products, such as wine and spirits, and culinary destinations.  The cannabis industry in Spokane county generated $108 million in marijuana retail sales alone.

The “local food movement” is also inspiring new businesses in the area that provide recreation and education to the public, including farmers markets, field-to-table dinners and restaurants, as well as breweries, distilleries, cideries, and wineries.

Agritourism has taken off in the region—including farm experiences such as “u-pick” events, winery visits, food festivals, and tours of roadside stands.

Agribusiness Incentives