Connect and Learn

Connect and Learn

Business development in Spokane Valley is supported by a large group of “partner” organizations that provide beneficial workshops, webinars and training opportunities, as well as networking events and meetings. Many of these programs are free, while others are fee-based.

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Did you know that Spokane Valley partners with StartUp Spokane and other organizations to promote business development workshops, webinars and other training to help entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses succeed. These local events provide information and opportunities to network. Some training is free and some is fee-based.




This free webinar is scheduled Wednesday, May 13, Noon to 1 p.m.
Presented by SNAP Financial Access and City of Spokane Valley Economic Development Division

Green box with program titleAre you, a friend or family member thinking about starting a business and wondering how to go about it?

Harry Birak from the Women’s Business Center (WBC) at the local non-profit Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners (SNAP) directly assists clients looking to start or expand a business, whether that means drafting a business plan, developing cash flow projections, planning a marketing strategy, looking for new resources or helping businesses apply for lending.

Those joining the webinar will learn about business support services, how to write a business plan, where to find market research information to help your planning efforts, and what lenders look for in a loan application. One-on-One business counseling and additional classes are only available after completion of this class.

Harry Birak started working with SNAP in 2017. He holds a master’s in Public Policy, with a specialty in business and conflict management. Additionally, he has worked in international trade while in Munich, Germany.

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